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What do you do?

We fit an extensive range of metal and wood swing gates, sliding gates, barriers, bollards, access control, car park and traffic management systems. Top of the range gate automation and access control is always fitted to ensure long term reliability and peace of mind. This includes underground hydraulic systems for large, heavy swing gates, through to 24v sliding gate systems.  Wired intercoms and state of the art wireless GSM units can also be installed depending upon the users’ requirements and location of the gate.

What is Automation?

Automation is the motor and electrical moving parts that move your product.

What happens if our system breaks down?

We offer a fast and efficient breakdown service should your gates and/or access control fail to work. Plus, our call out charges are competitive.

What would be the best system to suit my needs?

Call us to arrange a free site visit where one of our experienced team will go over the different options available to suit your criteria. Upon receipt of an order, our fully trained experienced engineers will happily answer any questions you have whilst they are on site regarding your install.

Why should my gates be serviced?

Gate should be serviced to optimise the life of your gate automation, long term reliability and safety. All moving parts are subject to wear and tear and require a service to ensure your system lasts and meets the current health and safety requirements (The machine directive).

It will also give you peace of mind and save you money in the long term. We offer gate servicing at competitive rates. If more than one gate requires servicing on the same site, an additional reduced fee per extra gate will be charged if all servicing is carried out on the same visit.

What if I already have gates installed and require them to be automated?

If you already have a gate and wish to have it automated, we can advise you on a suitable system (subject to a site visit).

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What are safety edges?

Safety edges are rubber strips that get fitted to a gate, that when pressed will cause the automation to reverse 100+mm, thus releasing the object that activates the safety edge. Two basic examples for the application of safety edges are on the end of a sliding gate or in the middle of a swing gate to minimise a scissor effect as the gates come together.

What are photocells?

Photocells are small sensors that send an infrared beam across your gate opening, which when broken, whilst your automation is in its closing cycle, will make the gate reopen. They will not open your gate to any unwanted visitors once it has reached the end of its closing cycle. These are fitted to every swing and sliding gate installation by Hayler Wason Ltd. as standard.

We specialise in gate safety and retro fitting safety systems to new and existing gates, offering free assessments to any existing automation which may not comply with the machine directive. Contact us if you are unsure if your gate complies or would like to discuss this in more detail. Safety edges will be required on most 240v hydraulic automation systems.

What is an Induction Loop?

An Induction Loop is a coil of wire that is cut into the road surface so that any vehicle driving over it will trigger any type of automated ‘open’ or ‘close’. They are also used in conjunction with photocells for safety purposes to protect vehicles from being struck. Although these are optional, they are recommended when possible.

All of our systems integrate products that are supplied by the leading automation manufacturers, allowing us to conform to all health and safety standards and give you peace of mind.

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